Как делать инфинитив


 Айман Садуақас
Как делать инфинитив
Exercise 4. Complete the following making use of the following prompts: to be made at the conference; to be announced; to complete the experiment; to be done; to hear him better; to discuss the problem today; to do is to attend the conference; to be carried out immediately; to be delivered as soon as possible; to worry about the results ofyour exam; to feel themselves comfortable in hotel; to approve it; to do such things. Mind the For + Noun + Infinitive Construction. 1. The order was for (the message) _. 2. There is no need for (you) _ 3. Arrangements were made for (the delegation) _ 4. The idea was clear enough for (we) _. 5. It would be wrong for (they) _ 6. They asked for (the experiment) _ 7. All that is necessary for (you) _ 8. Do you find it possible for (we) _? 9. He tried to speak louder for (the audience) _ 10. There is little time left for (anything) _ 11. It is time for (they) _ 12. He waited for (results of the experiment) _ 13. His suggestion was for (the report)


BigName 1337
инфинитив это не определенная форма глагола, дальше попробуй сам определить